Jack Hamilton


Reflections on Website Design

Today I reflect on what it was like to design this personal website as part of Phase 0 of Dev Bootcamp.


Test-Driven Development: The Key to a Good Night's Sleep

Today I discuss why we all need to learn and follow TDD from the start, because you're gonna wish you had it in the end.


Ruby vs JavaScript methods

Today I compare Ruby and Javascript classes. I delve into how public, private and static versions are made in each.


Ruby Classes: Basics

Today I discuss the very basics of Ruby classes.


Ruby Map

Today I discuss the usefulness of Ruby's enumerables' map method.


Online Security with Spybot and Your Hosts File

Today I discuss a simple little safety tip to protect yourself while browsing online using a popular free anti-malware program.


Arrays vs Hashes

Today I discuss and compare the programming data structures known as arrays and hashes.


CSS: It's All Relative

The differences between the positioning types in CSS.


Version Control: Why You Need It Before The Sun Comes Up!

Today I'll be blogging a little about the importance of version control.